Don't Get Stuck Without AC

Don't Get Stuck Without AC

Hire us for seasonal AC services throughout Hidalgo & Edinburg, TX

Coming down South for the winter is a great way to beat the cold and enjoy the summer season all year long. But if your HVAC sits dormant while you're away, it may not work like it's supposed to when you finally fire it back up.

AAA Pronto Heating & Cooling in Hidalgo, TX offers seasonal AC maintenance to make sure you stay cool and comfortable. We'll provide a full assessment of your heating and cooling system to make sure all parts are working right and your home reaches the temperature you like.

Contact us in Hidalgo & Edinburg, TX today to schedule your seasonal AC services when you arrive.

Why is seasonal maintenance important?

A lot can happen to your HVAC unit when it's not in use. At AAA Pronto Heating & Cooling, we'll provide seasonal AC maintenance that covers...

  • Checking for pests or bug nests in your outdoor unit.
  • Cleaning ductwork to make sure the airflow is right.
  • Assessing thermostat settings and functions.

Rely on our seasonal AC services to keep your system up and running; call today for an appointment.